There are many ways to indicate that you could have rodents living within your property – the problem is by the time you actually see the mouse or rodent the infestation has already occurred.

You could hear scratching within your walls, or from different parts of your house… You could also notice doppings in your cupboards or on your countertops. It is important to act fast as rodents can cause a multitude of problems such as spreading germs, destroy your insulation and belongs in your home, access your food, and carry ticks fleas and other diseases that can be fatal to people.

Our technician will identify the entry points being used by the rodents to then begin our humane eviction process. Our technician will install an ‘exit door’ over the compromised area. This allows the mice or rats to safely exit while preventing them from re entering. Once they have left the area, the entry point will be sealed permanently to prevent re-entry.

During the eviction process we reinforce entry points, seal tiny gaps/openings and repair any damage to prevent future re entry

All work completed is covered by our First Class Warranty.