It could be surprising to hear that bird can be a common wildlife nuisance for homeowners in Ontario. Not all birds travel south in the fall and winter months, instead non migratory species will stay behind and seek a new home that offers protection while trying to survive cooler climates.

It is common for birds to find shelter in such as soffit areas, exhaust venting, attics and chimneys.  Birds nesting in areas of your property can give off a severe odor, and their droppings can pose health risks to the homeowner while potentially causing damage to the property.

Birds seek out warm and safe locations for their nest in places like soffit areas, exhaust vents, attics and chimneys. For humane removal we will removal all birds, and nesting matter, being attentive not to disturb any babies. In the event that there are younger babies on the property a bird box will be installed close to the original nest site so the adults can continue to tend to them until they are grown enough to fly. An important step in this removal process includes cleaning, and discarding all contaminated waste (droppings, carcasses, nesting etc.) as they can pose health risks.

Our FIRST CLASS solution includes preventative sealing to ensure your property is protected against reoccurring intrusions as well as future bird infestations. In addition to blocking off the entry point we can protect any potential vulnerable by installing heavy gauge mesh covers over vents, chimney, soffits and gaps between soffit and roof line. The key to successful long-term protection from birds is to reinforce any potential weak points on the home or structure which will be identified by our technician during your inspection. We share the same goal, FIRST CLASS protection for your family and home.

All work completed is covered by our First Class Warranty.



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