Restoring and preventing animal damage

damage to attic from raccoons

Removal of contaminated insulation & installation of new

Insulation is required to keep our houses warm, yet it serves as a secure place for various animals to reside in. Miceraccoonssquirrels, and bats are all known for destroying insulation. While sometimes the insulation damage is from gnawing, chewing or tearing, in most cases insulation is damaged by an animal’s excretions. 

Over time urine and feces will accumulate and will deteriorate the insulation fibers and even soak the wood or drywall lying underneath. This reduces the function of the insulation and creates a hazard to the health and safety of the household. 

First Class Wildlife Removal can take out the damaged insulation and replace it with new insulation, ensuring that your home remains clean, efficient and contaminant free.

Damaged siding, and flashing repairs

Animals are determined, strong and persistent. Raccoons and squirrels will seek out any weak spots on siding or flashing within your home and will use this opportunity to pry it off, or chew through it. Additionally exposed areas, loose siding or un-flashed areas will serve as entry points for rodentssquirrelsraccoons or bats to also attempt entry. If you leave your home vulnerable, and unrepaired a few things could happen: the problem could get worse and cost you more as there is an open invitation for continued wildlife intrusions, and increased risk in health and safety concerns. 

With our team’s expertise, we can find any weak points in your siding and replace them with new and improved material. This will make sure that your home is sealed off from the outside world and protected from further damage. Learn More About our Preventative Sealing Services…

Animal Damage: Repairs to your structure

Animals such as batsraccoons, and squirrels can enter your home through the roof. For example, raccoons may tear off shingles while squirrels might gnaw holes in your soffit and bats may come in through vents furthering damaging your structure with guano and urine. Not only do these entry points allow animals inside, but they also pose the risk of water damage and mold growth.

While some animal damage may seem small, it can turn into a much larger problem if not fixed promptly.

At First Class Wildlife Removal, we specialize in repairing most structural damage done by wildlife, such as shingles and gutters, drip edge, soffits, roof vents and more.

Animal Damage: Minory chimney & roof repair

Maintaining your chimney is vital to keeping your wood-stoves and fireplaces in pristine condition. Without proper care, an old or improperly sealed chimney can become the ideal home for all sorts of animals who find them irresistible and convenient structures to nest in – especially if it hasn’t been used in a while. Birdsbatssquirrelsraccoons, and opossums can enter the home through the chimney or openings where the chimney chase joins the roof.

Never try to remove, or seal up the chimney yourself as these animals can become very aggressive especially if babies are present (they are protecting their young). First Class Wildlife Removal will take away all of your troubles by evicting the critters for you. And if that’s not enough, our team of experts can measure and install chimney caps and complete a variety of other minor repairs. Or, we’ll make recommendations for more intensive repairs if needed.

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