First Class Wildlife Removal is the most effective and humane way to get rid of raccoons, skunks, squirrels, bats, bird nests and rodents in Cayuga.

The best in animal wildlife removal for your home, office, or commercial property.

First Class Wildlife Removal is your local leading expert in Wildlife Removal in Cayuga, Ontario

We specialize in the humane, safe removal of Raccoons, SkunksSquirrelsBatsBirds and Rodents. 


Safeguard your property with our expert wildlife removal services, effectively addressing raccoon intrusions and ensuring peace of mind.


Ensure a pest-free environment with our efficient squirrel removal services, providing expert solutions to protect your property.


Trust our professionals for reliable and humane wildlife removal services, safeguard your property from unwanted animal intrusions.

Wildlife Inspections

Stay one step ahead with our expert wildlife inspections, detecting and preventing unwanted wildlife infestations early on.
First Class Wildlife Removal has had over ten years of experience resolving wildlife problems in Cayuga, making us the first choice for anyone with this issue.

Raccoon Removal in Cayuga On

If you live in Cayuga, chances are you’re pretty familiar with raccoons and their unusual behaviors. For instance, they tend to be more active at dawn or dusk, and love to scope out your weekly garbage pickup. If you believe raccoons have taken over your home, we can assist you in getting rid of them (humanely).

Raccoons are very resourceful and great climbers – this makes it easy for them to find a way to get into your house. Raccoon removal is one of our most in demand services at First Class Wildlife Removal.

If you have a raccoon in your attic, basement, or on your roof, we can help. We will remove the animal quickly and make sure it cannot get back into your home.

Providing Cayuga's best wildlife removal and pest control services:

Squirrel Removal in Cayuga

Although small and seemingly harmless, squirrels can wreak havoc if they get on your property.

Squirrels are not only known for scampering on your roof; they can also cause significant damage to your property. If you have an attic or chimney, squirrels can easily chew through your homes exterior and wood materials to find shelter and set their nest. If left unchecked, squirrels can create a fire hazard by chewing through the electrical wires in your attic.

In addition to causing several health issues, particularly fleas and ticks, squirrels can also carry parasites and sicknesses such as Lyme disease to humans.

Call First Class Wildlife Removal if you think you have squirrels in your house or have any other animal issue!

Skunk Removal in Cayuga Ontario

Do you live in Cayuga and detect an awful skunk stench? Have skunks been digging beneath your shed or tunneling under your foundation? They likely wont let up as they are trying to create a cozy little den deep underneath these structures on your property.. If that’s the case, we’ve got just the solution for you! 

Unfortunately, digging under your foundation can cause serious structural damage if left unchecked, along with leaving that unpleasant skunk odor behind. 

We’ve been humanely evicting skunks for over ten years, and we know how to treat your home with care while also ensuring that the skunks are gone for good. You can be certain that your skunk issue will be resolved permanently with our trusted methods! 


We are dedicated to humanely resolving your issue and providing top-quality service. If you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation and need professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact our team by calling 1-888-400-3904 or by filling out the form below.
First Class Wildlife Removal has had over ten years of experience resolving wildlife problems in Cayuga, making us the first choice for anyone with this issue.



Our 5-step process ensures safe wildlife removal and includes protective and preventative measures to eliminate future intrusions. We back our work with a warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services. With our dedicated team of experts, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide exceptional wildlife control solutions tailored to your specific needs.


As a local company, we take pride in serving our valued customers in Brantford, Hamilton, and London. With personalized service and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your complete satisfaction. Choose us for the advantages of working with a dedicated local team that delivers top-notch wildlife and pest control solutions. We’re committed to prompt response times, reliable expertise, and providing the utmost care throughout the process.


Our approach to wildlife removal focuses on humane methods and compassionate practices. Animals are handled with care, and we employ exclusion techniques to minimize harm and ensure their safety. Our commitment to ethical solutions extends to all aspects of our work, ensuring that animals are treated with the utmost respect and consideration


First Class Wildlife Removal is fully licensed, insured, and accredited. With valid Ontario exterminator licenses, we prioritize safety, adhering to all Ontario Work & Safety guidelines. Our team receives regular in-class safety training, including working at heights. Trust our licensed and accredited team to deliver reliable and compliant pest control services.


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