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Safeguard your property with our expert wildlife removal services, effectively addressing raccoon intrusions and ensuring peace of mind.


Ensure a pest-free environment with our efficient squirrel removal services, providing expert solutions to protect your property.


Trust our professionals for reliable and humane wildlife removal services, safeguard your property from unwanted animal intrusions.

Wildlife Inspections

Stay one step ahead with our expert wildlife inspections, detecting and preventing unwanted wildlife infestations early on.
First Class Wildlife Removal has had over ten years of experience resolving wildlife problems in Paris, making us the first choice for anyone with this issue.

Raccoon Removal in Paris On

Welcome to First Class Wildlife Removal, your local experts in effective and humane raccoon removal services. We take pride in offering friendly and professional solutions as a trusted community business. Say goodbye to raccoon troubles with our expert assistance!

Encountering raccoons on your property can be concerning, but rest assured, we’re here to provide the right solutions that prioritize both your well-being and that of these intelligent creatures. Raccoons possess impressive abilities, effortlessly squeezing through tight gaps and finding vulnerabilities in your home’s defenses.

When it comes to raccoon problems, we commonly address three scenarios:

Persistent Intruders: Raccoons have managed to break through your best efforts, despite your precautions.
Uninvited Guests: These creatures have already taken up residence, often nesting in your attic and causing potential damage.
Troublesome Visitors: Raccoons have been wreaking havoc on your property, and prompt assistance is necessary to prevent further destruction.

Rest assured, our removal methods are safe for the raccoons, and in most cases, you won’t even have to see them! We utilize humane exclusion techniques to ensure their safe and compassionate eviction. But our services don’t stop there.

At First Class Wildlife Removal, we go the extra mile to secure your property and prevent future raccoon invasions. Our expert team will conduct a comprehensive assessment, identifying and sealing any potential entry points, so you can enjoy a critter-free environment for years to come.

With over a decade of experience, First Class Wildlife Removal has proudly served Paris, Ontario, as the go-to choice for reliable raccoon removal. As a locally owned business, we understand the unique challenges posed by these creatures in our area, and we’re dedicated to delivering reliable results.

Ready to bid farewell to raccoons? Contact us today for an over-the-phone estimate and take the first step towards a critter-free environment. Our professional team is here to assist you in reclaiming your property, restoring peace of mind, and ensuring long-term prevention.

Providing Paris' best wildlife removal and pest control services:

Squirrel Removal in Paris, Ont

Dealing with squirrels causing havoc on your property? Look no further than First Class Wildlife Removal, your local experts in professional and humane squirrel removal services. We’re here to provide a friendly and professional solution, ensuring that both you and the squirrels receive the utmost care and attention. Say goodbye to squirrel troubles the right way!

Squirrels are notorious for wreaking havoc and causing damage, but there are effective measures to prevent them from inflicting further harm. At First Class Wildlife Removal, we understand the stress that squirrels in your Paris home can bring. That’s why we specialize in professional and humane squirrel removal, alleviating your worries.

These agile creatures can quickly adapt to different environments and are notorious for their chewing habits. If they detect a potential shelter in your home, they’ll gnaw through almost anything, including external wires that pose fire hazards and safety risks.

While your attic may seem like the perfect haven for these rodents, it doesn’t mean they are welcome to stay. Our company is highly recommended for squirrel removal because we always prioritize what’s best for our clients.

Rest assured, we’re here to assist Paris residents in ridding their homes of unwanted squirrels for good. But our services don’t stop there. We go the extra mile to ensure that once we remove the squirrels, they can’t find their way back in. Our expert team will conduct a thorough inspection, identifying and implementing preventative sealing measures to safeguard your property from future intrusions.

Choose First Class Wildlife Removal for reliable and humane squirrel removal in Paris, Ontario. Our friendly and professional team is dedicated to providing exceptional service that restores peace of mind and protects your property.

Ready to bid those pesky squirrels farewell? Contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step towards a squirrel-free environment.

Skunk Removal in Paris Ontario

Say goodbye to skunk troubles with First Class Wildlife Removal, your trusted experts in professional and humane skunk removal services. We specialize in friendly and effective solutions to address skunk-related concerns in Paris and surrounding areas.

Skunks can be a major nuisance, causing havoc around your property. Whether they’re lurking under decks, sheds, or digging around structures, we have the expertise to handle your skunk problems swiftly and efficiently.

Our team understands the urgency of removing skunks from your property to prevent further damage and avoid repeat visits. Skunks have a tendency to mate and nest in specific locations, leading to ongoing issues if left unaddressed. Don’t let these unwanted visitors disrupt your peace of mind.

At First Class Wildlife Removal, we use humane exclusion methods that effectively remove skunks without causing harm. Our experienced professionals have assisted numerous property owners in Paris with skunk issues, and we’re here to assist you too.

But our services go beyond just removal. We believe in comprehensive solutions that ensure skunks can’t get back in. Our preventative sealing measures will protect your home or business, preventing future skunk intrusions and giving you long-lasting peace of mind.

Choose First Class Wildlife Removal for reliable and humane skunk removal in Paris, Ontario. Contact us today for a free estimate and take the first step towards a skunk-free environment.


We are dedicated to humanely resolving your issue and providing top-quality service. If you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation and need professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Contact our team by calling 1-888-400-3904 or by filling out the form below.
First Class Wildlife Removal has had over ten years of experience resolving wildlife problems in Paris, making us the first choice for anyone with this issue.



Our 5-step process ensures safe wildlife removal and includes protective and preventative measures to eliminate future intrusions. We back our work with a warranty, giving you peace of mind and confidence in our services. With our dedicated team of experts, we strive to exceed your expectations and provide exceptional wildlife control solutions tailored to your specific needs.


As a local company, we take pride in serving our valued customers in Brantford, Hamilton, and London. With personalized service and meticulous attention to detail, we ensure your complete satisfaction. Choose us for the advantages of working with a dedicated local team that delivers top-notch wildlife and pest control solutions. We’re committed to prompt response times, reliable expertise, and providing the utmost care throughout the process.


Our approach to wildlife removal focuses on humane methods and compassionate practices. Animals are handled with care, and we employ exclusion techniques to minimize harm and ensure their safety. Our commitment to ethical solutions extends to all aspects of our work, ensuring that animals are treated with the utmost respect and consideration


First Class Wildlife Removal is fully licensed, insured, and accredited. With valid Ontario exterminator licenses, we prioritize safety, adhering to all Ontario Work & Safety guidelines. Our team receives regular in-class safety training, including working at heights. Trust our licensed and accredited team to deliver reliable and compliant pest control services.


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