Everyone can identify a skunk from its distinctive look, and its and even more from its smell. Skunks typically like to live under structures because it’s a cool and dark place to be in the warm summer months making it accommodating to their nocturnal behavior.

Skunks are mainly known for spreading foul-smelling spray and are the most nuisance wildlife for homeowners. Skunks should be evicted quickly to avoid destruction of property, and landscaping.

Following your property inspection:

Our team will use a trenching technique when it comes to evicting skunks from under a deck, shed or structure.

Trenching consists of digging around the area of the structure (approximately 1 cubic foot) to install a heavy gauge steel mesh screen into the ground at a specific angle. This is the best long term solution because when the skunks attempt to dig under your property they are unable to find the bottom, and admit defeat and move on. Once this mesh is put in place, a one-way door is installed over the entry point allowing the skunks to safely exit and ensures they cannot re-enter. We would back-fill entire area except where the door has been installed and then wait for a few days until all skunks have exited and relocated. At this time our technicians would remove the door, screen off permanently and back-fill the remaining area once and for all.


What if there are babies?

Skunk baby Season can potentially happen in early spring (May/June). If you have a skunk living under a structure during this timeline, there is a chance you may have a litter of kits on your property. Following the property inspection our technicians determine where the kits are located, and humanely remove them from the area. The kits are then placed inside of a warming box that is placed near the entry point. We then wait for the mother to come and remove each kit 1-by-1 and relocate them to another den site in the area.

Our FIRST CLASS solution includes preventitive sealing to ensure your property is protected against reoccuring intrusions. The key to successful long-term protection from skunks is to reinforce any potential weak points on the home or structure. In addition to blocking off the entry point after eviction, your technician will also protect any potential openings by burying heavy gauge screen deep into the ground. We share the same goal, FIRST CLASS protection for your family and home.

All work completed is covered by our First Class Warranty.



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