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Raccoon Removal in Brantford Ontario

First Class Wildlife Removal removes raccoons through a humane approach that’s based on over 10 years of professional experience. We solve the majority of our customers’ raccoon problems through exclusion processes and preventative methods.

Common Brantford raccoon issues include, but are not limited to:

  • Attic infestations

  • Raccoons living underneath a home

  • Female raccoons nesting on a property

  • Property damage

  • Garden destruction

Property owners are often surprised when they spot raccoons inside, underneath, or around their homes. Raccoons look for compromised and weak areas within a property that can act as easy entry areas. 

When you have a raccoon problem—we have a safe and straightforward solution.

Squirrel Removal in Brantford Ontario

Squirrels don’t have to cause you loads of stress. Address your property’s squirrel problem with the help of First Class Wildlife Removal in Brantford. Our team removes squirrels in a professional and humane manner so you can live your life uninterrupted.

Squirrels have adapted well to human environments as they often use structures for shelter and nesting. Squirrels are quick learners and adapt well to human environments. Aside from being noisy and bringing in flammable nesting materials, squirrels can chew on wires which creates fire and electrical hazards. Squirrels tend to get inside your home by gnawing through materials on your house’s exterior. 

You might need assistance on how to remove these animals from your attic. The good news is that First Class Wildlife Removal can help you get rid of these rodents in a humane way. Our company is one of the most recommended squirrel removal companies because we always do what’s best for our clients.

Skunk Removal in Brantford Ontario

We are experts when it comes to skunk problems in Brantford. Most of the calls we get are for skunks living under homes, skunk burrows, skunks living in the garage, skunk mothers with babies, and skunks ripping vents off the home. We also get many calls from people who are having a major flea problem due to skunks living on the property.

When a skunk is born under your home, she will come back to where she was born to have her babies. That’s why it is very important to remove skunks in your Brantford home before you have generations of them breeding under your home. Skunks are also attracted by other skunks spraying. During mating season, skunks will spray to attract a mate. 

We’ve worked with plenty of property owners throughout Brantford who have experienced skunks within their home or business. Most of these problems are solved by choosing First Class Wildlife Removal to use humane exclusion methods to solve your problem!


We are dedicated to humanely resolving your issue and providing top-quality service.
If you’re experiencing a wildlife infestation and need professional assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.
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Our 5 step process guarantees a service that you can feel confident in knowing wildlife is removed safely while providing protective and preventative measures to eliminate any further intrusions. All work is backed by a warranty, providing you peace of mind.


We are locally owned small business that provides you fast response times through Brantford, Hamilton and London. We take our business seriously, while using trusted methods we are proud of! You won’t find any cut corners with First Class Wildlife.


We are animal lovers at heart – and will never do anything that will harm, kill or harass the wildlife we’re evicting. Animals are handled with care and we exclude trapping and poisoning methods


First Class Wildlife Removal is a fully licensed and insured company. We proudly follow all applicable Ontario Work & Safety guidelines. We also attend in class safety training regarding working at heights and carry valid insurance at all times.


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